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Purposefuls is inspired from the philosophy of minimalism and conscious consumption. Born out of a lifestyle concept that focuses on the art of simplicity, Purposefuls marries current trends with ethically sourced fashion to create collections designed to inspire simple and purposeful living.

We believe in a world where you have the freedom to be you. Purposefuls is a concept geared towards finding your inner freedom – freedom from the trappings of popular brands, freedom from the overwhelm, freedom from the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. Real freedom.

Based in the beautiful city of Wellington, we are all about minimalist, functional trends – ethically made local products that serve a sustainable purpose. Our goal is to bring trending products that are functional, durable and yet fashionable to your doorstep while creating economic opportunities for the poor.

our latest collection

Our latest collection is wildly divergent: modern minimalism inspired from Boho-chic styles that pairs vibrant colours with traditional accents to create gregarious vibes. While minimalism promotes simplicity, boho-chic flairs help soften the hard outlines with their colourful va-va-boom, all designed by local artisans.

local is the new black #whomademyproducts

Our products are exquisitely chosen and handpicked from ethical local suppliers across the world. We are passionate about empowering poverty-stricken workers that work hard to earn a living. At the same time, we care about what our customers are saying. This is what helps us continue to grow and deliver products that our customers love each season.

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